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our culture.

We build close teams in which you get all the space you need to bring ideas to life and grow in your career. We believe in the power of technology but combined with personal interaction. This applies to our own employees as well as interim colleagues: not only do we see your progressive ideas, we definately also see you! Your job satisfaction is paramount. The atmosphere is informal. Next to the fact that we love to do our tech job, we also love to table tennis and tabe football with each other. 

From day one we will do everything to make you feel part of our team. A warm and entrepreneurial organisational culture in which you collaborate with professionals with a great deal of knowledge and experience. Where we keep each other sharp and provide each other with help when needed. And if you have difficulties with finding a solution, there is your team at hand to help. In an open and constructive atmosphere where all your requirements for space, freedom ans responsibility are met. 

Because we are and remain an organisation in which people are central, structural investments are made to ensure that the work, pleasure and knowledgeability remain our top 3 focal points. 

our culture in three videos.

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tech innovation with impact.

As a member of our tech team, you develop, build and code technological solutions that connect our customers with (potential) employees. Solutions with impact. Because these solutions enable all our tens of thousands of deployed talents to (continue to) do their work day in day out. This enables , for example, the smooth functioning of the baggage claim service at Schiphol. Thousands of elderly people enjoy hot meals and care every day, and trucks drive from all over the country to the farthest corners of europe. At Randstad IT, your work matters.

Every day, our IT team is an important link between companies and organisations with ambitions and (potential) employees who (are going to) contribute to this. Thanks to our technical solutions, we can efficaciously provide employers with what they need: talents, hard workers and professionals in the most diverse sectors; whom, wherever posted and broadcast, are indispensable for keeping our society running.  

We develop a lot of innovative tech with a lot of touch, personal interaction. This is something you can feel and experience in our whole company culture. We all have a high motivation in creating the most innovative technical solutions, combined with personal interaction. The latter is what makes the innovation, in this digital world, complete.

tech with a lot of touch. 

Technology helps us to offer our customers and candidates more convenience, speed, and transparency. But we believe that real contact requires more than artificial intelligence and algorithms. Personal contact still makes all the difference. At randstad IT, we make a crucial contribution by cleverly combining "tech and touch", because we ensure the use of both technology and data to improve our clients and candidates' personal experience. This enables us to not only make our customers' businesses, but also randstad itself, future proof. Working together in this way makes us important contributors to the world of work of the future.