as a data specialist you play an essential role in guiding us into the future. 

data at randstad.

What would we do without data? As the world’s largest HR service provider, the amount of information that passes through our systems every day is vast. Using accurate data to inform our decision making processes and to guide us is therefore an integral part of our strategy. Did you know that over 15.000 reports are generated by our teams every week?

Our data engineers, BI specialists and data scientists continuously push to improve and innovate. Why settle for a local data lake, when we can build a global data ocean? How can we make fair and unbiased hiring practises even more efficient with the AI we build? And how can we enable our three labels Randstad, Tempo-Team and Yacht to make the right strategic decisions? Those are the questions our teams ask themselves on a daily basis. 

our stack. 

As with all of our teams, the primary basis we work on is an AWS cloud-based environment. As we continue to work together more closely globally, we also work cross-cloud in GCP. Specifically within the data teams you can expect to see the following:

  • AWS (S3, ECS, Sagemaker)
  • Redshift (Data Warehouse)
  • Tableau
  • Elasticsearch
  • Airflow
  • Kubernetes (EKS)
  • Scala
  • Spark
  • GitlabCI
  • Python (pandas, numpy/scipy, scikit-learn, Django, pySpark, Flask, hugging face, xgboost, spacy)

our data jobs.

Data covers a broad range of roles within Randstad. Which job suits you best?

our data teams. 

Our 33 data specialists contribute to several different product teams, each with it’s own focus and value. This also goes for our team members, each with their own background, story and focus, all providing their own value to our business. What unites them all is an environment focused on research, experimentation and innovation, where your opinions are listened to and valued. Did you know we have a research day every sprint, for you to spend on any ideas you’ve been wanting to try? Apart from the product teams, our data engineers, data scientists and bi specialists all have a dedicated chapter, focused on building and sharing knowledge, ideas and experience. 

Read more about the different product teams below:

our colleagues.

Are you curious about how our data colleagues experience their job? Read their personal stories. 
Dor Data


data scientist. 
"The Randstad Group is a Dutch company with an extensive international community in the IT department. So if you are an international that would like to submerge into Dutch culture better; or alternatively a Dutch that would like to broaden the geographic origin of her/his friends, you definately should join us.

In the data science chapter we aspire to combine between academic research and practical application. Combine two important worlds. Also, the Randstad Group values its employees and their free time, so we have a good work-life balance.

Ofcourse we also experience challenges. For example, soon after when i joined the SmartMatch team we had to redesign our biggest product, called Talent Recommender. Due to the scale of this application we had many architecture and design meetings, each attended had their own expertise and view on how we should implement the components. You can imagine that collaborating with so many stakeholders and getting to mutual agreement was frequently a challenge. Yet I am certain that following this process will yield a much better outcome". 
Rowenda Cloud


chapter lead business intelligence. 
“Business Intelligence has always been about finding value in data and we do all kinds of fascinating things to the data to achieve this goal. We analyse, extract, load and transform the data, we build data models, frameworks and reports, we prepare data for machine learning models and data scientists. While this is all very interesting it isn’t the most important part of BI. Most important to me are the people who make all this happen.

It takes a certain kind of person to feel at home on the fringe of business and IT. You need to talk to the business to gain functional knowledge about the value that might be hidden in vast amounts of data. You need to understand the source systems and the way they process and deliver the data. You need to think about ways to transform and store the data so you can ultimately extract the nuggets of valuable information and present them to the business in a way they can understand. All the while keeping an eye on performance, adhering to architectural standards, managing incidents and looking into the future to see what new technologies lie ahead.
As a Chapter Lead I try to nudge people in the right direction, to open their eyes to what might be hidden in the data, to make them see the value that we can provide and make them excited for the journey of data and what the future might bring.”

take a look inside.

Do you want to know what working in our IT department would be like? Watch our videos and learn more about our mission, vision, labdays and meetups. 
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we offer you this.

Next to a soft landing with wonderful, inspirational colleagues who support you, you can also count on the following. And more.

salary We pay a competitive salary based on your job scale. In addition, we have a number of components that are supplementary to your fixed salary.
home office budget Once every five years, each employee receives an amount of € 750 to set up an ergonomically
responsible work space at home. You also will receive an internet allowance. 
benefit budget
Generous monthly benefit-budget on top of your salary and holiday allowance that you can choose to spend on extra time off, perks such as a tablet, bike, gym subscription or simply get paid out. 
mobility Depending on your position you may be eligible for a lease car or a mobility budget. No matter what your commuting costs are fully covered. 
bonus and shares We have a generous bonus scheme depending on your role and you also have the opportunity to earn a performance bonus twice a year. In addition, if you want to share in the success of Randstad worldwide, you can participate in our generous share purchase plan. 
vacation A good work-life balance is important. We offer you 25 vacation days, plus the possibility to buy extra days. We also offer flexibility leave, 8 days paid leave if your partner has given birth, the opportunity to take a sabbatical once every three years and 1 day paid leave for volunteering activities.
phone and laptop
To ensure that you can work flexibly, we provide a mobile phone and data subscription with global coverage. In addition, once every two years, you’ll receive a net contribution of € 225 for the purchase of a smartphone. You will also receive a laptop on loan.
growth and development In addition to a warm onboarding with a buddy, we offer a wide range of training like custom udemy learning paths and access to external training courses. Once every four years you can have a labour market value scan which will give you insight into your employability.